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Ciara Murphy - Chapter President

This is our first installment of our 2020 Leadership Team testimonies. We asked our President, Ciara Murphy, to tell us a little bit about her job in the sorority, what it was like to receive her bid, and some of her favorite memories in Delta Phi Epsilon!

Hi! My name is Ciara and I am the current president of Delta Phi Epsilon! In my role, I serve as a support system for the other amazing women on LT and ensure that the entire chapter feels included, heard, and welcomed. I am apart of the 2018 spring member class, also known as the Muses!

I remember that when I entered the DPhiE house during recruitment I was always able to relax a little. For some reason, my nerves faded away, my breathing slowed: I just felt comfortable. I felt confident every time I entered the lodge that I was going to talk to an amazing woman and show my authentic self. So, when I received my bid to DPhiE the feelings of confidence, comfort, and excitement surged into my body as I ran into a place that would soon become my home away from home. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I made the best choice of my life.

When I reflect back on my days as a member, the first memories that come to mind are with my big, Stephanie, right after clue week. Stephanie and I didn’t know each other particularly well, like at all after our reveal. She was from Oxford and two years older than me, but we were bonded together almost instantly after a coffee date where we chatted about conspiracy theories and my horrific taste in boys. Despite our lack of personal history, we made up for it in how we got to know each other. Every week during my second semester of freshman year, Steph and I watched a different American Pie movie and ordered dinner, while we asked each other random questions to really figure out the other person. Quickly after, Stephanie became the person who I would always text after a bad day because I knew she would always be ready with a supportive ear and words of encouragement.

We have a tradition in DPhiE where when your big graduates the little writes them a goodbye letter and reads it in front of the entire chapter. Most sisters are afraid of the public speaking portion, but for me, the fear came from not having enough time to express the memories Stephanie and I shared, brag to everyone about her becoming the next great American author, and how she has contributed so much to our chapter. Each moment I spent with Stephanie while she was at Emory and even after she graduated has been incredibly meaningful and reaffirming of my place in DPhiE to the point I can’t really imagine college without it.

For more DPhiE updates, and to get to know more sisters, you can follow us on Instagram, VSCO, Tiktok, and Tumblr (@emorydphie). Ciara’s instagram handle is @camurphy59.

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