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Claire Ogilvie - Member at Large

This is our eighth installment of our 2020 Leadership Team testimonies. We asked our Member at Large, Claire Ogilvie, to tell us a little bit about her job in the sorority, what it was like to receive her bid, and some of her favorite memories in Delta Phi Epsilon!

Hi! My name is Claire Ogilvie and I am a part of the Dancing Queen member class of 2019. I am the Member at Large on the DPhiE leadership team. My job is to help coordinate sisterhood bonding events as well as provide a connection between the leadership team and the chapter members. When I got my bid, I was just very excited to join a great group of fun girls and very happy I had amazing friends joining with me. One of my favorite memories in DPhiE was a bonding event soon after I accepted my bid where we watched John Mulaney in the chapter room. I really enjoyed that time because I got to know some of the other girls that I hadn’t really met yet, and start lasting friendships while we laughed and talked all night. I really enjoy being a part of this sorority because I am not afraid to be who I am around all my amazing sisters.

For more DPhiE updates, and to get to know more sisters, you can follow us on Instagram, VSCO, TikTok, and Tumblr (@emorydphie). Claire’s instagram handle is @just_claireify.

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