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Edith Cortez Lopez - Vice President of Academic Affairs

This is our sixth installment of our 2020 Leadership Team testimonies. We asked our Vice President of Academic Affairs, Edith Cortez Lopez, to tell us a little bit about her job in the sorority, what it was like to receive her bid, and some of her favorite memories in Delta Phi Epsilon!

When I got my bid, I wasn’t sure how to feel. I was sleepy and nervous. I was excited for what was to come. Then, it was time. I saw people opening their envelopes, but I was nervous. When I finally opened my envelope, I wasn’t sure how to react, but I was glad to see the name on the card. That day was different. Different in that I was doing things I had never done before. I joined a sorority and went rollerskating. I had fallen multiple times that day, but, every time, someone was there to help me up. Although I questioned if I belonged the whole day, I felt welcomed and a part of the group.

The following weeks were filled with new member education and bonding activities. Although I continued to question if I “belonged” and if “the sorority was right for me,” I decided to stay. Looking back, I understand the feeling of uncertainty and continuous questioning, but, as I see my sisters and take on this new position, I could not envision calling any other sorority “home.” The sorority has allowed me to make new memories- memories like going to frat parties in pajamas, 2 AM study sessions, late-night Uber rides, endless adventures at Tech, and a spontaneous Jesse McCartney concert!

For more DPhiE updates, and to get to know more sisters, you can follow us on Instagram, VSCO, TikTok, and Tumblr (@emorydphie). Edith’s instagram handle is @edithcl.

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