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Rachel Jennings - Vice President of Programming

This is our fourth installment of our 2020 Leadership Team testimonies. We asked our Vice President of Programming, Rachel Jennings, to tell us a little bit about her job in the sorority, what it was like to receive her bid, and some of her favorite memories in Delta Phi Epsilon!

When I reflect over my recruitment experience I remember something my Rho Chi said to me during my process which was, “if you could never go back to one of the houses and never talk to those sisters again, how would you feel?” That was the moment I realized DPhiE was the place for me. I had had such genuine and wonderful conversations with each woman I talked to in DPhiE that I knew I would be missing out on something special if I didn’t see them again, and the rest is history!

I have made so many of my closest friends through my member class, the Muses, and have found ways to engage with my personality as a leader though serving as the philanthropy coordinator, and now as the Vice President of Programming. As the Vice President of Programming I have the opportunity to plan semester long community service events with local organizations, as well as programming events for our three philanthropies that DPhiE supports nationally!

For more DPhiE updates, and to get to know more sisters, you can follow us on Instagram, VSCO, TikTok, and Tumblr. (@emorydphie) Rachel’s instagram handle is @rachel_jennings.

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