Leadership Team

Ciara Murphy

"When I received my bid to DPhiE, the feelings of confidence, comfort, and excitement surged into my body as I ran into a place that would soon become my home away from home

Chapter President

Abrianna Belvedere

Vice President of Recruitment

“My sisters have supported and loved me endlessly, and every moment with them is an adventure.

Edith Cortez Lopez

"DPhiE has allowed me to make new memories - memories like 2 AM study sessions, late-night Uber rides, endless adventures at Tech, and a spontaneous Jesse McCartney concert!

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Nicolette Cure

“It’s moments like these that make me realize how lucky I am to be able to spend this time with the most amazing, talented, funny, ridiculous women who I am proud to call my sisters.

Vice President of Membership Development

Rachel Jennings

Vice President of Programming

“I had had such genuine and wonderful conversations with each woman I talked to in DPhiE that I knew I would be missing out on something special if I didn’t see them again.”

Heather Li

“I love the community, the warmth, and the acceptance in DPhiE.

Vice President of Operations

Lizzie Meulbroek

Vice President of House Management

“Delta Phi Epsilon is where I can be unapologetically myself, share my passions, and support others in theirs.

Claire Ogilvie

Member at Large

“I really enjoy being a part of this sorority because I am not afraid to be who I am around all my amazing sisters.